James Hetfield’s Unusual Request From Steven Tyler And Joe Perry

A few names pop into a person’s head, even if they’re particularly not into rock and roll. Bands like Guns N’ Roses, Rolling Stones, Nirvana, Pink Floyd, Queen, and Metallica are known worldwide regardless of the people’s preferred music genre. These bands have established an image aside from their music that allowed them to gain long-lasting fame.

Their image was initially established with the music they make and the number of people they impact with their work. However, these bands were also inspired by those who came before them. For instance, Metallica frontman James Hetfield was a big Aerosmith fan in his childhood and was invested in their music and lyrics. Hence, he once sent a fan mail to the band before his fame, including a request.

What Kind Of Mail Did James Hetfield Send Aerosmith Members?

While listening to their music, Hetfield considered the band members to be his ‘buddies’ as a young fan who spent a lot of time with their records. However, their lyrics were not always clear to hear, and the future rock star wanted to know what Steven Tyler was singing in the songs. Without the internet and lyric display, Hetfield decided to request this from the band.

Hetfield revealed in 1993 that he sent each member letters to send him the lyrics of the songs without being aware that they were a massive band with many fans probably getting hundreds of mail every day. His request was not acknowledged, and when he became famous with Metallica, he got the opportunity to meet Aerosmith members. The singer realized that they were just regular people, and this experience showed how they shouldn’t treat their fans.

Hetfield said about Aerosmith the following:

“I wrote letters to Aerosmith. They were my all-time favorites back then. I wanted the lyrics. ‘Man, I can’t understand what the f*ck he is singing. Can you please send me the lyrics?‘ I sent it to Steven, Joey, Tom. I put all their names in the letter. Of course, I expected something back. I had no idea of the magnitude of it all. Because they were so personal to me, I could feel their music; they were my buddies.

And I didn’t get anything back. I got an order form for a Draw the Line T-shirt. Wow, thanks a lot. When we started getting more into the music and meeting these people, it was, ‘Hell, they’re regular guys.’ They have problems dealing with the public. But I did learn a lot about how I would like not to treat our fans.”

In 2002, Metallica paid tribute to Aerosmith on MTV: ICON, the band’s first appearance after Hetfield had exited rehab. The band members talked about Aerosmith and explained their influence on them. Hetfield was particularly nervous because of his admiration towards Aerosmith and being on stage for the first time after a while.