Lita Ford On Helping Ozzy Osbourne Get His Top Ten Hit Single

The Runaways guitarist Lita Ford recently discussed her attributions to Ozzy Osbourne’s hit song ‘Close My Eyes Forever.’ During an interview with Kenny Aronoff, the singer recalled making a song with one of her heroes and was asked if it was one of the highlights of her music career. She said:

“Yeah, it was cool. We were always in trouble, me and Ozzy. Sharon came to the studio one day [when] we were recording with George Tedco and Mike Chapman, and it was record one, [was it] record one? No…”

The singer was informed record one was recorded in Lankershim, North Hollywood, after which she realized she was talking about the right record. She continued:

“That was it. We were there when we wrote ‘Close My Eyes Forever.’ Sharon came in and dropped off Ozzy. We were there recording, Ozzy comes in, and she leaves! ‘Don’t leave him here.'”

After the interviewer talked about the song being a hit and topping the charts, Ford was asked whether the song was her biggest hit as well. The singer revealed:

“Yes. Because I followed Black Sabbath as a kid, and they never had a top-ten single just because of the darkness and the lyrical content and everything. So, Ozzy’s top ten first single was ‘Close My Eyes Forever.'”

Ford earlier revealed that it was supposed to be slower and lower when they started writing the song, which later turned into a faster piece to give it more energy. She also shared that Osbourne wanted nothing from the song and let her have it.

See the interview below.