Ted Nugent: ‘I’m Exactly What The Founding Fathers Wanted Every American To Be’

Ted Nugent is known for his outspokenness, which has often caused him trouble on social media. Recently, he shared his opinions on the news that Elon Musk purchased Twitter during his show ‘The Nightly Nuge.’ The rocker shared that he is the embodiment of what the founding fathers wanted every American citizen to be like, so questioning and being critical is what everyone should be doing, which is why he is hesitant about Musk’s new venture.

“Well, obviously, number one, the founding fathers wrote down that the king can’t censor us,” Nugent began explaining the first amendment to stress his rights as an American citizen. “The king can’t control our religious or non-religious choices. The king can’t allow his jackbooted thugs to come into our homes without probable cause; the king can’t keep us from protesting immoral, illegitimate, wrong decrees. That’s the first amendment.”

The Handsome Devil added, “So, I don’t even have to comment because everybody knows if they’ve been paying attention to Ted Nugent, I am exactly what the founding fathers wanted every American to be. Critical thinking, suspicious of all authority, and holding my elected employees constitutionally accountable to the very spirit of those unambiguous words we will find in the sacred Bill Of Rights.”

The rocker who has openly criticized big companies is also concerned about Elon Musk’s bold move. Although the transition period has made the platform a place where everyone can freely share their opinions without censorship, the guitarist still urged people to stay wary of Musk until the dust has settled.

Even though he too has experienced censorship, the rocker stressed the importance of always keeping an eye out and said, “Yes, we are experiencing a hiccup where the shackles have come off, and we are experiencing non-censored communication, at least on Twitter, for the moment. But I am extremely suspicious of Elon Musk.”

The current state of social media, especially regarding free speech, has been an ongoing debate. Platforms such as Facebook and Twitter clarified their stance against leading conservatives violating their terms of service by removing or suspending them from their platforms. Opposing views argued that private companies should be able to post, write and share whatever they want on their social media platforms without filtering what they want to put on the internet for people to see.