Ted Nugent Gets Emotional About Writing ‘Fred Bear’

Ted Nugent talked about one of his best-known songs, ‘Fred Bear,’ in a new episode of ‘The Nightly Nuge.’ The singer could not hold his tears back while telling its backstory, which involved the loss of his mentor, Fred Bear.

Nugent mentioned how the death of his friend, who taught him the ins and outs of bow hunting, affected him by saying:

“I fought back [against media for bow hunting], and Fred thanked me. So, that next April, he died. [Tearing up] God damn it! I’m in my barn right now, and there’s pictures of Fred. And there’s bows that he gave me, and I shot my bow this morning, and it’s so crazy how emotional people can be.

So, I got up that morning. I went to give my dogs their biscuits, and instead, I picked up the guitar, and I just started – I didn’t know what was going on, but I just went [playing].”

Then, he recalled the way his grief triggered his creative side:

It just flowed. Like right now, the tears would not stop. And my mama just died, and because the bow hunting life was such a powerful family force, and Fred Bear was such a powerful force in that family of bow hunting, and it brought me such joy, such fulfillment, such deep spiritual gratification that I was doing good in God’s work.

The song happened, and Shemane [Deziel, his wife] held me. I kept singing. I didn’t write anything; I didn’t have paper and pencil. I had no idea I was going to make those chord changes.”

The singer, who included Bear’s voice at the end of the song, talked about his late mentor with admiration before. Outsider reported his words about the bow hunter in 2020 as follows:

“Fred Bear was not only the world’s great hunter, certainly the world’s greatest bow hunter. He was probably the most sincere, lovable guy I’ve ever met in my life.”

You can watch the recent episode of Ted Nugent’s show and take a look at his 2011 performance of ‘Fred Bear’ below.