Alex Skolnick On Miley Cyrus Challenging Her Audience With David Byrne Collab

This year’s Miley’s New Year’s Eve Party special on NBC once again witnessed unforgettable performances and hosted many distinguished guests, including Sia, Dolly Parton, Fletcher, and Latto. During the night, Miley Cyrus also performed a surprising collaboration with former Talking Heads frontman David Byrne, leading to many comments circulating on Twitter. Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick also shared his positive thoughts about their performance.

“Honestly, this was really good,” Skolnick wrote in response to another tweet mentioning the duo’s duet. “Although not all Miley’s fans seem down with David Byrne – the hate tweets are priceless (‘Who is this guy?!’ ‘He’s off key!!’ ‘Turn off his mic!’ Lol).”

Following Alex’s comment, a user wrote that Byrne had done quite an excellent job during the performance. In response to him, the guitarist said, “Absolutely. And good for Miley Cyrus, challenging her core audience on a major network broadcast. I am gathering [that] most Miley fans don’t have the faintest idea who Talking Heads is (and wouldn’t like it if they did).”

Talking Heads star David Byrne and Miley Cyrus sang the popular David Bowie song ‘Let’s Dance,’ together at New Year’s Eve Party special. However, the audience’s comments on the performance can be categorized into two. While some highly praised the pair’s duet by saying they were the duo everyone needed, there have also been some negative opinions, especially from Miley’s younger fans who didn’t know much about Byrne.

Besides the ‘Let’s Dance’ cover, Miley and David also delivered a performance of Byrne’s own ‘American Utopia’ single ‘Everybody’s Coming to My House.’ According to Alex Skolnick, Cyrus has made a bold move by challenging her main audience, who are generally pop music lovers. It will probably be encouraging for Miley to dive into new musical styles in her future works.