Myles Kennedy Speechless After A Question About The Rolling Stones And Its Impact On Rock Music


During a recent interview with Anne Erickson, Alter Bridge’s Myles Kennedy revealed his opinion about The Rolling Stones.

In the conversation, Myles learned about the passing of the Stones drummer Charlie Watts, who left his loved ones heartbroken on August 24. Upon hearing the news, Kennedy was speechless but eventually managed to say that Charlie’s loss was heavy for the music industry.

Myles praised the Rolling Stones by saying they are an amazing band and recalled the times he saw them performing live in the ’90s. After taking a couple of seconds to collects his thoughts, he went on to say that the rock world has lost one of its trailblazers.

As it turns out, Kennedy considers the Rolling Stones, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin as the three entities that created the blueprint that current rock and metal musicians have followed for almost half a century. Thus, it shouldn’t be surprising that he struggled to find the words to express his sadness upon hearing that one of his greatest heroes passed away.

Myles Kennedy pays respect to The Rolling Stones:

“I mean, the Stones are amazing. I saw them a few times back in the ’90s. It was an amazing show, both of them. I’m kind of speechless right now, to be honest with you.

For me, the Stones, the Beatles, and Led Zeppelin, are kind of the three entities that wrote the blueprint for everything that the rest of us have ultimately followed for the past 50 years. So, that’s a really heavy loss.”

You can check out the full conversation below.