Sting Reacts To Paul McCartney’s Wish That He Had Written ‘Fields Of Gold’


Sting recently made an appearance on Rick Beato’s YouTube channel for an interview. During the conversation, he responded to The Beatles’ icon Paul McCartney who stated he wishes he was the one who wrote Sting’s popular song, ‘Fields Of Gold.’

Active in the music scene since 1971, Sting is a British musician who rose to international fame with his hit songs like ‘Desert Rose’ and ‘Shape Of My Heart.’ As of today, the 70-year-old musician is still continuing to make musical efforts and contribute to other projects.

The iconic rock band The Beatles has influenced so many musicians up until now, and it seems Sting was also one of them. In fact, Sting thinks he is a musician because of The Beatles. As a highly influential music act, his fellow British musicians undoubtedly led the way for a young generation of artists to make music.

In the interview, Sting commented on The Beatles when Beato mentioned them as:

“I’m glad you mentioned the Beatles because the reason I’m a musician is because of the Beatles. They conquered the world with their own songs, and therefore gave permission to a younger generation, a decade younger, to try the same thing and think ‘Oh we’ll try that, I know those four chords – I could  do that, probably. And we all tried. We owe a lot to the Beatles, they really were an amazing influence on all of our lives.”

At one point in the interview by Rick Beato, the Beatles fan Sting recalled the time when Paul McCartney honored him by saying he wished he had written Sting’s 1993 song ‘Fields Of Gold. He then jokingly said he also wishes he’d written a hundred McCartney songs.

In a Q&A session with the Liverpool Institute of Performing Arts, Paul McCartney stated:

“I liked Sting’s ‘Fields Of Gold,’ and I thought, ‘You know what, I should have written that. How dare he?'”

After recalling this incident, Sting told Rick Beato:

I wish I’d written a hundred McCartney songs!

Below, you can check out the interview where Paul McCartney made this statement and Sting’s interview on Rick Beato’s YouTube channel.