Paul McCartney Hints At The Release Of A New Spanish Love Song He Once Partially Wrote

The Beatles bassist and co-songwriter Paul McCartney posted a tweet on his official Twitter account and shared the details of this month’s Q&A session he had with his official website. As it turns out, the musician once wrote a Spanish love song, which he never had the opportunity to finish. While revealing the existence of such a song, McCartney stated that he might attempt to complete it.

As some of you might know, Paul McCartney is considered one of the most successful composers and performers of all time. Macca has written or co-written 32 songs that have topped the Billboard Hot 100, and is the co-founder of the most successful musical collaboration; the songwriting partnership Lennon and McCartney.

One time, the Beatles icon wrote a song named ‘Michelle‘ for the band’s sixth studio album, ‘Rubber Soul.’ The track has a part written in French, which perfectly captures the love ballad’s essence and proves that McCartney can also write songs in different languages.

Since there’s a song representing the versatility of Paul’s songwriting skills, a fan asked a question regarding this matter during the recent Q&A session held on the musician’s website. The fan asked if the rocker ever thought about writing an entire song in a different language.

Paul McCartney responded by saying that he had previously attempted to write songs in different languages, especially in Spanish, since he always liked the language and knew a little about it due to the classes he took at school. Furthermore, McCartney revealed that he once wrote a Spanish love song that was left incomplete.

Fortunately, the musician stated that he might go back to that track to finish it one of these days, which can be seen as a hint for a new release sometime soon. In addition to this, the Beatles bassist gave some details about writing lyrics in a different language and stated that it’s a challenge unlike any other since it’s like doing puzzles. However, there’s great satisfaction and charm in solving that puzzle.

The answer of McCartney follows:

Yeah! I’ve often attempted to write a song in Spanish, because I did Spanish at school, and I always liked the language. I did ‘Tres Conejos’ in Liverpool Oratorio which is a nonsense rhyme I learned in school. And I have had a stab at writing a sort of Spanish love song – I didn’t quite finish it, but you never know, one of these days I might get round to it.

Writing lyrics in a different language is a completely different challenge from anything else I’ve done. I seem to like challenges, you know! The joke is that I really don’t have to do any of this – it’s like doing puzzles, where you don’t have to do them for any practical reason, but there’s something fascinating about solving them and getting a great sense of achievement.”

You can see the Twitter post and listen to ‘Michelle’ below.