Steven Tyler Didn’t Want To Work With Liv Tyler-Starring Movie, Ex-Manager Explains

The ex-manager of Aerosmith, Wendy Laister, recently had a chat with Music Business Worldwide, where she shared some details about the band’s history. One of the topics she discussed was Steven Tyler’s initial hesitation about recording the song ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ for the 1998 film ‘Armageddon.’ Recounting her work with Aerosmith, the manager said:

“We had a New York Times best-selling book, we had No.1 albums and their first-ever No.1 single around the world, which was a song [‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’] they didn’t particularly want to do. Right up to the end, Steven was telling me it wasn’t the right song to do and not the right movie.”

Although his daughter, Liv, was a part of the film’s cast, Tyler was more interested in another project:

“There was another space disaster movie coming out at the same time with Morgan Freeman [‘Deep Impact’], and he said, ‘We should be doing that one.’ No, your daughter’s in this one! From a work point of view, it was amazing. From a life point of view, more challenging.”

The Theme Track’s Success

While ‘Armageddon’ ended up as a top-grossing movie in the late ’90s, ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ stayed at number one in the US charts for four weeks. This track became the only number-one hit for Aerosmith in the US.

Reflecting on the success of the theme track written by Diane Warren in a 2011 interview with, Tyler explained:

“[It was] the magic of [producer] Jerry Bruckheimer calling me up and saying, ‘We’re doing a movie called ‘Armageddon’. Your daughter is in it. And I want four Aerosmith songs plus the one you did with Diane Warren.'”

He added:

“It was a shock, not because we had our first No. 1. But because it was our only No. 1. I thought that [of] all those other Aerosmith songs, at least one or two did.”

Warren’s Thoughts On Aerosmith’s Performance

The songwriter had originally thought of someone like Celine Dion singing ‘I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing’ and was surprised to find out that Aerosmith was going to perform it. Still, sharing her reaction to hearing the song from Steven Tyler, Warren told Performing Songwriter:

“I remember being at the Sunset Marquis Hotel, and sitting at the piano with him and teaching him the song and just having chills all over my body as I heard the song come to life with his voice and knowing what it was going to be. It was an amazing experience. I’d written with Aerosmith before, and they’d never done the songs we wrote.”

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