Jesse Malin On Working With Bruce Springsteen, ‘He Was Very Humble And Giving’

Jesse Malin recently gave some details about his third album’s remastered version in a press release and shared his feelings about collaborating with Bruce Springsteen on one of the songs.

Malin started to build a reputation as the lead singer of the glam punk band D Generation. Besides his long-term tenure with the band, Jesse Malin also has a prolific solo career. Following his solo debut, ‘The Fine Art of Self Destruction,’ and the second album, ‘The Heat,’ the musician released his third solo record, ‘Glitter in the Gutter,’ on March 20, 2007.

In the third album, Malin collaborated with many notable names like Bruce Springsteen, Jakob Dylan, Josh Homme, and Chris Shiflett. Springsteen contributed to the backing vocals of the song, ‘Broken Radio.’ Jesse Malin recently announced that he would rerelease his third studio record on September 30, 2022. It will also feature an updated version of the Bruce Springsteen duet, now named ‘Broken Radio 22.’

In a press release of the remastered version of the album, the singer shared the details of how he ended up collaborating with Bruce Springsteen in the first place. Malin revealed that Springsteen had told him about his eagerness to be a part of his studio record. So, when Malin wrote the song, he sent it to Springsteen to see whether he would be interested. He immediately said he wanted to participate, and they recorded the song together. Malin also said Springsteen was pretty ‘humble and giving‘ during the recording process.

Jesse Malin’s statements on working with Springsteen are as follows:

“Springsteen had mentioned that if we needed him, he would like to be part of the record in some way. I sent the song to Bruce, and he responded pretty quickly with a phone call and said he was in. He was very humble and giving and gave a beautiful performance.”

You can watch the official music video of the song below.