Roger Waters On David Gilmour And Rick Wright: ‘They Were Very Snotty And Snippy’


Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters made an appearance on WTF Podcast and revealed his thoughts on David Gilmour and Rick Wright. During the conversation, the musician described his former bandmates as ‘snotty and snippy.’

Formed in 1964, Pink Floyd is a prominent musical act that is also among the greatest progressive rock bands of all time. Although Pink Floyd left the music scene in 2014, they have left their fans with a great number of rock classics. Today, the band still has a broad audience.

Back in 1964, Roger Waters and Richard Wright were among the ones who founded the band, along with Syd Barrett, Nick Mason, and Bob Klose. At the year 1967, the guitarist and vocalist David Gilmour joined the band. Nevertheless, after some personal disputes, Wright left the band in 1979.  Following that, Waters also left in 1985 due to creative differences. He then filed a lawsuit over the band’s name and material. This move resulted in a long-lasting feud between him and David Gilmour.

Recently, Roger Waters joined WTF Podcast for an interview and talked about his tenure in Pink Floyd. He claimed that he felt he was in a very toxic environment while in the band. The musician then went on to say David Gilmour and Rick Wright always tried to drag him down. Waters revealed they did this by arguing that he is tone-deaf and does not understand music. Rogers then claimed they were very snotty and snippy because they felt insignificant in the band.

Roger Waters told WTF Podcast that:

“I was in a very toxic environment where I was around some people… Well, David Gilmour and Rick Wright mainly were always trying to drag me down. They were always trying to knock me off. By claiming that I was tone-deaf and that I didn’t understand music. ‘Oh, he’s just a boring teacher figure who tells us what to do but he can’t tune his own guitar…’

They were very snotty and snippy because they felt very insignificant, I think.”

You can check out the rest of the interview below.