Steve Perry Is Trying To Vote Neal Schon Out Of Journey, According To Michaele Schon

In a recent Facebook post, Neal Schon‘s wife, Michaele Schon, addressed Steve Perry and asked him to apologize for his actions regarding the vote to remove Neal from the band, correct what he’s done, and continue the Journey legacy.

Ever since Steve Perry left Journey, his relationship with the remaining members has been rocky. The singer recently filed a petition to prevent them from owning the trademarks of some of the band’s greatest hits. Perry claimed that Neal Schon and Jonathan Cain filed to register 20 Journey songs in 2020 through Freedom JN LLC to be used on merchandising without the former frontman’s consent and demanded the cancellation of the trademark registrations.

Neal, however, clarified the reason behind the trademark as their intention to protect their band’s name. None of the lawyers or management they had worked with had taken any action to protect their rights, even though they knew Journey didn’t own their trademark, which was why Schon had registered them in 2020.

Michaele Schon recently sent a message to Perry through the couple’s joint Facebook account and explained that Perry tried to vote Neal out of Journey. She also claimed Steve Perry had threatened not to go on stage and perform in front of fans unless Neal signed the deal. She added that the former lead vocalist should apologize for his actions, try to fix the situation, and come together for Journey fans.

Michaele mentioned that Neal shared stories of the wonderful times that they had together and the friendship they had built. She wanted to remind him how much they loved each other once and that they could return to that if they would sit and talk face to face. She finally added that everyone loves Journey due to both of them, and the Journey name shouldn’t grab the headlines with things that overshadow the beautiful music they have created over the years.

Michaele Schon’s Facebook post read:

“All I can say is life is precious and truly is a blessing. Steve Perry has decided to make this very public with the media. In today’s world, someone cannot make a ‘threat‘ to anyone, especially on a tour where a band, fans, and promoters are involved. Steve, minutes before a sold-out show, threatens to sign his agreement, or he won’t perform for the fans; why hurt fans or anyone?

Things go viral now, which doesn’t work in today’s world. Steve Perry trying to vote Neal out of the band that Neal had built since the 70s was not right. Steve should call and apologize for it. Steve has collected for three decades from touring because of his threatening contract in the 80s. This is on top of everything else Steve earns.

So instead of greed and hostility, maybe try a new approach, Mr. Perry. Please thank Neal, apologize, and ask how we move forward. How do we make things right? How do we work together? Steve, try, ‘You are my Journey brother, and let’s make it right now for us and the Journey fans!’ (that would be something that will hold a lot of good karma for Mr. Perry).”

She continued:

“The Journey fans have their heart in it as Neal always has Journey within his heart! Every night for years on tour, Neal talks about Steve and honors the friendship you had, and the timeless music created together! God protected Neal, and he continues for Journey to live on! Please remember, as we treat others, may it be returned to us.

Maybe just sit and talk kindly to Neal. One-on-one as the friends I saw at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Those were real feelings you both had, and I saw it, and please allow it, embrace it and watch the magic return, for if nothing else to know, we all love you both and don’t want to associate things like this with beautiful Journey music!

Steve, please email, call, send a message and talk.

Life is a blessing,


Lady M Schön.”

Fans eagerly await a resolution to end the conflict between the two former bandmates, but there has been no official statement from either side to indicate a reconciliation anytime soon.