Ted Nugent Says He’s Been Trying To Reach Out Bruce Springsteen But Bruce Is Avoiding Him


Veteran rock musician Ted Nugent talked about his relationship with Bruce Springsteen during a recent appearance on Rock Talk With Mitch Lafon.

In the conversation, Ted was saying that he really loves Bruce Springsteen even though they had really different political thoughts because he paid his tribute to Ted’s musical hero Mitch Ryder.

In fact, Ted has been trying to reach out to Bruce because of that. However, Ted revealed that Springsteen has been ignoring himself and not answering his calls at all.

While Ted was saying that they have a common ground with Bruce Springsteen on the musical side, he also pointed out that Bruce wouldn’t think they have common ground because of the political differences.

Here is what Ted Nugent said:

“I love Wayne Kramer, I love Tom Morello, I even love Bruce Springsteen. I’ve never met him, but he paid homage to Mitch Ryder by performing ‘Jenny Take a Ride’ with the E Street Band.

And I’ve been trying to reach out to Bruce Springsteen because even though we’re completely opposite politically – I’m right, he’s wrong.

But if he paid tribute to my prime musical influence and hero Mitch Ryder in the Detroit Wheels – Johnny Bee Badanjek on drums, Jimmy McCarty on guitar, Earl Elliott on bass, and Joe Kubert on 335 rhythm guitar.”

He continued:

“I could name every lick, every amp, everything they did – but Bruce Springsteen knew that, celebrated it, and promoted it. That’s what I did!

So we have to have some common ground there, but I have a funny feeling that a guy like Bruce wouldn’t think there’s the common ground because I believe in freedom, I believe in work ethic, I believe in sacrifice and risk to be in the asset column.

And obviously, he does, in the application, but he supports policies that are against that. So I could share a ginger ale if he wants to have, a beer, or whatever he wants. But they avoid me, and I can’t really explain in meaningful terms why.”

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