Corey Taylor’s Wife Alicia Reveals How Their Wedding Plans Was Almost Ruined Due To A Car Trouble

Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor‘s wife Alicia Taylor shared a post on her official Twitter page revealing the story behind their wedding day and the car, Shelby Cobra, they drove for the photoshoot, apparently, the idea of a vintage car turned into a nightmare as soon as it broke down.

As many of you know, Corey Taylor announced that he became engaged to Alicia Dove on April 7, 2019, via an Instagram post, and the lovely couple was married soon after, on October 6, 2019. Their wedding pictures were breathtaking since the couple got married on a dessert and Alicia was wearing a stunning wedding dress while Corey was in a maroon-colored suit.

In addition to their extremely gorgeous outfits and cool environment, the couple’s car also draws attention from the fans since it was a vintage all black Shelby Cobra they were driving to their wedding ceremony in addition to using the beautiful car as a picture prop.

Recently, Alicia Taylor shared a post on her official Twitter page in order to celebrate Valentine’s day with a special story from their wedding day. Apparently, that Shelby Cobra broke down on their way to the restaurant and no matter how hard the couple tried they could not fix it, therefore, their special day was partially ruined because of the car.

However, the couple managed to stick together during their first obstacle as a married couple and ate a romantic dinner anyway in their hotel, covered in dirt, mud, oil, and much love. Alicia stated that the story stands as a symbol of their love, laughter, and support.

Here is what Alicia said:

“Happy Valentine’s Day.

This photo is from our wedding day. We rented this car to take photos with, and it sounded like a good idea, until the end when everyone left. All that remained was CT in this car, and myself in mine (we arrived at the site separately).
Valley of Fire was now closed, it was getting dark, and we had dinner reservations in a little over an hour- the perfect amount of time to drop this rental car back and make it to our favorite romantic restaurant and continue our dream day. But the universe had other plans.
As I followed CT in the little sports car down the long lonely road leaving Valley of Fire, I noticed he was going slower, and slower… until the car let out a sound of defeat- a pathetic little “put put put”- and came to a complete stop in the middle of the road. Before I could pop my head out of the window the ask if he was okay, I saw him grasp and attempt to shake the steering wheel, as he screamed, ‘FUCKKKKK!!! YOU STUPID PIECE OF SHIT! AHHHH!!!’ into the deep dark abyss of the desert.”
She added:
No cars in sight. No lights. Pretty sure I saw a flock of birds take off as the sonic waves of his echoes hit their direction. Then silence. Oh, man. But! Aha! We looked a little further into the distance and saw a teeny tiny glow of what looked to be a Chevron sign. Yes! We couldn’t leave this 1965 or 68 or whatever Cobra in the middle of the road, so he popped that sucker in neutral, and we- he in his gorgeous suit and myself in the one thing I splurged on for this wedding, a designer dress– pushed the car off the road and to the side.
We must’ve looked so ridiculous. My dress was now completely covered in dirt. I ripped it with my heel while trying to dig my feet into the ground as I shoved this damn vehicle. Corey is also covered in dirt and sweating like he’s attending a Southern Baptist church in July. We hit the Chevron at the end of the road, fill up a couple of plastic gas cans, and head back to the car towards Valley of Fire. I watch from my car with the headlights shining on CT to give him lightly- and I see him attempt to fill the car with gas.”
She continued:
“I check the clock. Shit. I call Nobu and tell them that we are not going to make our reservation. They are understanding and push it back an hour. I glance up at CT, who is pouring gasoline as best as he can, except the nozzle broke and he is now drenching the side of the car, and his pants… in fuel. A couple more echoey loud expletives are sent into the universe, and I jump out to assist. He smells like someone on a pit crew. He gets the other cans in the tank, tries to start the car- dead. Nothing. Battery? Starter? What could it be?
We sit in my car to take a breather. It’s the first time we have stopped and REALLY looked at one another since this clusterfuck began. And we laugh. Hysterically. Tears are streaming down my face from laughing so hard, and at that very moment, I knew he was my perfect match. Wrap up: waited another hour and a half to two hours for a tow truck. Pushed our reservation during that time again but didn’t make it. We were too exhausted and hungry to care, so we ate at a Thai place in the hotel we were staying at. The server looked at us with a raised eyebrow as we sat down in our gasoline and dirt-covered fancy wedding getups, our hair disheveled, I had a burn on my leg from the exhaust. He probably smelled us before he saw us. ‘Did- did you guys just get married?’ Yep. ‘Congrats…?’
Moral of the story: Find someone that you can laugh with, especially when shit hits the fan. This can be a partner, a friend, a coworker… anyone. Find that person and cherish them.

Happy Valentine’s Day, kiddos.”

You can see the Twitter post below.