The Female Songwriter Alice Cooper Called Life Changing


Continuing his music career for more than five decades, Alice Cooper has built an excellent reputation in the music industry. Described as ‘The Godfather of Shock Rock,’ Cooper is known for his theatrical performances, featuring costumes, make-up, and stage shows, which aim to ‘shock’ the audience.

The rocker has experimented with many different sub-genres throughout his music career, including heavy metal, new wave, and glam metal. Undoubtedly, many artists have influenced the way Cooper sings and engages with music. The singer has explained many times that the music scene of the mid-’60s and the rock ‘n’ roll subgenre have had a significant impact on him.

Who Does Cooper Consider A ‘Life-Changing’ Figure?


In an interview with Louder in 2014, Cooper talked about how some sources of inspiration can change the way one approaches life and music and listed songs that qualified as the ‘soundtracks of his life.’ Mentioning that the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, and the Who were the leading figures that changed his life, the singer listed his inspiration sources.

One of the songs that he listed was specifically addressed to female artists in the music world. While revealing that Laura Nyro’s ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’ was ‘life-changing’ for him, Cooper stated that one could not even become a songwriter without listening to Nyro’s music.

Stressing that Nyro could be a great source of inspiration, especially for female singers, the rock legend also stated that he has always recommended her to all the female singers he encounters. The Godfather of Shock Rock said he couldn’t believe his ears when he first heard the musician’s lyrics, and he’s sure people who will listen will get addicted to her voice.

Saying that Laura Nyro sounded like a Broadway musical on the streets of New York, Alice said the following:

“You can’t be a songwriter without listening to Laura Nyro. You have to check out ‘Stoned Soul Picnic,’ from ‘Eli And The Thirteenth Confession.’ She was right off the streets of New York City, and it sounded like the soundtrack to a Broadway play, but it was so heartfelt, and the lyrics were beyond belief.

Any time I meet a girl singer that’s coming up, I go, ‘Do me a favor, go and listen to Laura Nyro, it’ll change your life.’ If you get a chance, listen to it. You’ll be floored. You’ll be addicted. I’ve worn that album out six times.”

You can listen to ‘Stoned Soul Picnic’ on Youtube below.