Michael Anthony Recalls The Funniest Thing David Lee Roth Ever Did On Stage

Former Van Halen bassist Michael Anthony joined an interview with KSHE 95 and reminisced his performances with Van Halen as he revealed the most ridiculous thing the iconic frontman David Lee Roth has ever done on stage.

As you may know, Michael Anthony was the bassist and backing vocalist of Van Halen between the years of 1974 and 2006. In 2006, the late guitar legend, Eddie Van Halen announced that his son, Wolfgang, replaced Michael as the new bass player of Van Halen.

Since then, Michael Anthony has been focusing on his various other projects with the bands he’s currently working with, such as The Circle and Chickenfoot. Michael and Sammy Hagar recently released a new album of their band, The Circle, titled ‘Lockdown 2020.’

In an interview with KSHE 95, Anthony answered some questions about his relationship with the former and current members of Van Halen. During the conversation, he stated that he didn’t want to bother Alex and Wolfgang Van Halen right after the devastating loss of Eddie since he wanted to give them a little privacy to grieve on their own.

Furthermore, the interviewer asked Michael to share the funniest thing he has ever witnessed David Lee Roth did during the live performances of the band. In his response, Anthony mentioned the ‘ass-less’ trousers that David used to wear on stage. The talented bassist stated that Roth probably started wearing those back in the early ’80s, however, apparently, standing behind him on stage wasn’t always delightful for Michael. He said that even though sometimes he felt like running off the stage, David’s wearing ass-less trousers was the funniest thing he has ever witnessed him doing on stage.

Here is what Michael Anthony stated about the funniest thing David Lee Roth did:

“I’ll tell you one thing, the funniest thing that I ever witnessed him do in the past – and there are photos out there too – he used to wear these ass-less trousers on stage.

I forget exactly when he started wearing those, I think he actually wore them once at a show in the early ’80s, but to have to stand behind him when that’s going on… Sometimes I wanted to just run off the stage; other nights, I couldn’t contain myself from laughing.”

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