Iron Maiden Singer Bruce Dickinson Shares The Hilarious Story Of How He Started To Use A Smartphone

Iron Maiden frontman Bruce Dickinson had a conversation with Wyatt from Planet Rock and talked about taking a place in the Heavy Metal Truants charity cycle and raising money along with his simple life requirement like getting a phone. During the talked he shared his story of getting a smartphone for the first time.

Bruce Dickinson is widely known as the lead singer in the heavy metal band Iron Maiden. However, aside from his musical career, he is also a pilot and a screenwriter and has been taking active roles in charities. He mentioned his first time getting a smartphone for the Truants charity cycle.

Formed in 2013, Heavy Metal Truants have been raising money for children’s charities on behalf of heavy metal. Aside from Iron Maiden, worldwide known metal and rock bands like Metallica, KISS, Bon Jovi, and Queen have been taking place raising funds. Bruce Dickinson, too, has been helping raise funds for children’s charities for some time.

During the talk, he showed his old school Nokia phone and said that he got a smartphone from the MAIDEN office, adding that he was amazed that it had the SIM card and everything else. He went on to say that he never touched it until they told him that he has to use it for the purpose of Truants and jokingly added that from now on his life will suck.

Check out what he said on getting a smartphone:

“Almost a year ago now, I got this smartphone from the MAIDEN office. They said, ‘Here’s your smartphone.’ And there’s a SIM card with it and everything. And I thought, ‘That’s very nice.’ So I put it away and never touched it again — until Truants.

And they said, ‘You need to do this stuff — download your every move on this app.’ And I [finally] put the SIM card in. So this whole process, actually, has encouraged me to put in the SIM card, and I now have a smartphone. So, basically, my life is going to suck from now on. I’ll be living my life vicariously. But it does do interesting things.”

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