Chester Bennington’s Favorite Linkin Park Album

Linkin Park is one of those bands who were fortunate enough to achieve their breakthrough with their very first album. However, their luck turned into a curse since many fans who were introduced to the band wanted to hear albums that resembled ‘Hybrid Theory’ in the following years.

Since they aren’t a band whose most significant concern was to sell copies of their records, Linkin Park both stuck with their style and evolved in the meantime. While some fans didn’t appreciate the evolvement of their sound, it was enough to change late frontman Chester Bennington‘s favorite album to something other than ‘Hybrid Theory.’

‘Hybrid Theory’ Is Credited As Linkin Park’s Masterpiece

Linkin Park released its debut studio album entitled ‘Hybrid Theory‘ on October 24, 2000. The record features lyrical themes about Chester Bennington’s teenage experiences in terms of substance abuse and the constant fighting regarding his parents’ divorce.

Four singles were released from the album ‘One Step Closer,’ ‘In the End,’ ‘Crawling,’ and ‘Papercut,’ which launched Linkin Park into mainstream popularity. All the singles in the album remain some of the band’s most successful songs to this day, especially ‘In the End.’ The rest of the songs were minor hits on alternative rock radio stations.

Upon its release, the album generally received positive reviews from music critics. In addition to the reviews, ‘Hybrid Theory’ became a solid commercial success, peaking at no. 2 on US Billboard 200 and reaching the top 10 or 15 in 15 other countries worldwide. On top of that, the record has sold 27 million copies all over the globe, making it the best-selling debut album since Guns N’ Roses’ ‘Appetite for Destruction.’

Apart from its commercial and chart success, ‘Hybrid Theory’ has a legacy related to its infused genre, including rap metal, alternative rock, and rap-rock. Thanks to its refreshing sound that was remarkably different than any other band at that time, Linkin Park’s debut record still holds a special place in every fan’s heart.

Chester Bennington Liked One Album More Than ‘Hybrid Theory’

During an interview, Chester Bennington reflected on the band’s ‘A Thousand Suns‘ album. It is the band’s fourth studio album, released on September 8, 2010. Apart from the polarizing response from audiences, this record received a positive response from critics who considered it a sign of the band’s natural evolution.

As for Bennington, this album is the most ambitious record that Linkin Park had ever made regardless of the fans who think ‘Hybrid Theory’ must have remained the only artistic direction the band could’ve gone. The frontman explained that they evolved and changed since the release of their first album, which required different and better sounds.

Although he was aware of their fans’ expectations, Bennington stated that they are artists, not manufacturers, who repeatedly come up with the same things. This is exactly why Bennington went on to say that he’s very proud of ‘A Thousand Suns,‘ and it’s the only album where he felt satisfied with every single song on the record.

Bennington’s statement follows:

“People are going to take this next comment however they want. There are some people out there who are like, ‘Hybrid Theory’ purists. They only want that; us to do that over and over again. So, they may disagree with me on this next comment, but I truly feel that ‘A Thousand Suns’ is the most artistic and the most cerebral and ambitious record that we made.

When we made ‘Hybrid Theory,’ that was the best record we could make at that time, we’ve learned so much more in our career that I think we’ve become better songwriters. I think we’ve become more confident lyrically. I think we’ve become more confident artistically. We’re willing to take the same kind of chances that we took when we were making ‘Hybrid Theory.'”

He continued:

“When we were making our first record, we weren’t making the record to sell records. We weren’t trying to achieve something we had already achieved in the past. We were just innocently making music that we loved and that we wanted to hear. When you come out of the gate and sell your first album millions of copies, there is an expectation from a fan’s perspective, and from also a business perspective that you want to do that again and keep doing that.

But we’re not a manufacturer. We don’t make car parts, we don’t make soup, and we don’t can things. We are artists, and we want to push ourselves. In that sense, I know that I’m really proud of ‘A Thousand Suns.’ I’m proud of all the records that we’ve made. I think so far; this is probably the only record we made where I feel like I love every single piece of the album.”

You can watch the interview below.