Ronnie Wood Shows Support For Eric Clapton’s Project

Eric Clapton’s been trying to reach out to anyone seeking help in their battle with addiction through his longtime recovery project, Crossroad Center. Well, Ronnie Wood wished to show some support to Clapton by launching a limited project of his own, as he announced with a message on Instagram.

Battling with alcohol and substance abuse is not a fight one should pick alone, and any support one might get from others is a great helping hand during their journey to get clean and sober. Rehabilitation is also crucial on the path to recovery, as one can do better for themselves and their loved ones with the proper treatment.

Well, Eric Clapton, who had his fair share of problems with addiction, has been helping people out through his international Crossroads Centre, located in Antigua, and trying to guide anyone on their way to recovery since the late ’90s. So, Ronnie Wood, a former addict himself, wanted to show his appreciation for Clapton’s project by starting a limited edition of art pieces themed by supportive words of affirmation.

Wood’s Instagram account announced the project on his behalf, with this personal message coming from the Rolling Stones guitarist:

“Ronnie has released a new limited edition print in support of Turn Up For Recovery and Crossroads Centre Antigua! ‘Affirmation II’ is the second print in support of the charities, following up from ‘Affirmation I’s ‘When I take care of myself, I can achieve anything.’ Tap the link in the bio to order your affirmation print.

Turn Up For Recovery is a charitable movement established to spread awareness of abstinence-based recovery through music, founded by Melia Clapton. ‘Affirmations’ – important tools in recovery – are short, positive messages repeated to encourage. Ronnie says, ‘Affirmations have become a really valuable part of my recovery and have always really inspired me along the way.

I wanted to create this print in support of Turn Up For Recovery to highlight the incredible work they do. It really does make a huge difference to so many lives.’ Turn Up For Recovery is the grassroots, charitable gig movement born out of Eric Clapton’s Crossroads Guitar Festival.

Turn Up For Recovery aims to raise awareness of abstinence-based recovery, tackle the stigma of addiction and help make treatment affordable to people struggling with alcohol and drug addiction.”

So, Wood is aware of how important it is for addicts to get help, whether through rehab or words of affirmation, as any support is valuable on the way to self-recovery and having a better life. The guitarist wanted to show his support by appreciating the Clapton family’s project and donating all the income from his artwork to help anyone in need.