‘The Doors And Jim Morrison Were Quintessential Goth,’ John Robb Explains

In every area, the goth contains mystery, darkness, horror, and a gloomy vibe. It has been profoundly used in the areas of literature, fashion, and music. In music, many bands like Joy Division, The Cure, and Evanescence came to prominence with their relationship with goth music. For The Membranes singer John Robb, The Doors were one of them, as Jim Morrison portrayed all the aspects of the style.

The singer gave an interview to NME and said that Jim Morrison was described as goth during the ’60s. He was doing justice to this with his voice, by wearing black leather and loving Romantic literature. He mentioned that Iggy Pop was also influenced by him and that he also carried the elements. Finally, he noted that David Bowie was also a goth in everything he did.

John Robb said:

“The Doors were the first band to be described as ‘gothic’ in October 1967, at a gig in New York. Jim Morrison had a baritone voice, wore black leather, and had a fixation on the Romantic poets. He was a quintessential goth. Iggy was heavily influenced by Morrison. You could see that darkness running through his work from the beginning.

If you did a chemical equation of goth, it’s kind of Jim Morrison plus David Bowie plus punk equals goth. Goth was a kind of dark glam, and Bowie helped to create that: he was important in creating the theatre of it all. His lyrics and music took us into darker places; he gave goth the imaginative space it needed to exist.”

In literature, goth has a certain attractiveness to the reader, not just with the horror aspect for horror lovers but also by romanticizing things that normally wouldn’t be romanticized, like dark thoughts, a rainy day, a mysterious person, and so on. For John, Jim Morrison was a goth who did justice with his singing, manners, and style.