Bad Omens Is The Latest Rock Band Deleting Social Media: A New Collab Is Hinted In New Post

Bad Omens is now added to the rockers list who deleted all their social media accounts.

The rockers wiped all of their posts last week, followed by the same action done by the drummer Nick Folio and the frontman Noah Sebastian. Guitarist Joakim Karlsson and bassist Nicholas Ruffilo also seem to shut their accounts down.

After deleting every post on their socials, the rockers shared a clip featuring Poppy on the band’s Instagram.

In the video, various images rapidly appear on the screen, such as a white rabbit, a butterfly, and Poppy sprinting through a lit corridor. Poppy is seen holding the rabbit and admiring the butterfly, but the meaning of ‘V.A.N.’ has not been explained yet. Fans assume it’s a collaboration between the two parties.

Bad Omens’ official website is also devoid of content, except for a message stating:


Bands Start To Delete Their Socials

Though it is unclear whether or not the band members wiped their socials to start a new era, Sleep Token did the same as well.

The band completely cleared their Instagram, leaving only one message in their bio:

“Nothing lasts forever.”

This led the fans to think the band’s career was ending. While some were concerned about the band’s future, others speculated that it could be a prelude to a new project or album. The timing of this social media purge aligns with a troubling incident related to the personal privacy of the band members.

Fans have observed that the identity of one of Sleep Token’s members, III, reportedly faced a breach when their birth certificate was allegedly leaked online, followed by III deleting all his personal social media accounts.

In addition to Sleep Token, Paramore was also one of the bands to wipe their socials as a way to signal a new project. After Hayley Williams deleted all the posts on their socials, fans thought it was the end of the band, which later turned out to be a Talking Heads tribute project.

You can see the trailer below.