Neal Schon Responds To Steve Perry’s Decision To Sue Journey Over Song Trademarks

In a recent tweet, Neal Schon addressed Steve Perry and made statements about the new lawsuit targeting him and Jonathan Cain.

According to a recent report on Ultimate Classic Rock, Steve Perry, the former vocalist of the Journey, has sued his former bandmates. The case concerns the trademark filing of 20 Journey songs by Jonathan Cain and Neal Schon. In the lawsuit, Perry objects to the use of the Journey songs for commercial purposes without his consent.

Steve Perry claimed that his bandmates Cain and Schon filed to register the rights of the 20 songs in question through Freedom JN LLC to be used in merchandise. He said that this registration issued by The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office violated a previous contract between the bandmates, stipulating that each band member’s unanimous assent be taken before acting.

While the details of the case have just surfaced, one of the defendants, Neal Schon, recently replied to Steve Perry on his official Twitter account and made evaluations about the issue. He said that when he learned that the Journey Trademark was not protected by any management or attorney, he wanted to take action but was threatened when he filed to register.

In the following tweet, he added that none of the attorneys they worked with took any action to protect them despite knowing that Journey did not have a trademark. However, Schon said their money is now safe thanks to their registration in 2020. After this statement, he continued by retweeting a post. The post revealed direct messages by Neal Schon and included a longer discussion on the subject.

Here, too, he briefly talked about the attorneys and management they had worked with, who did not warn them about the issue. Neal said that he and his wife were particularly interested in the case and ultimately managed to protect their rights. Explaining that the incident is the consequence of a corrupted chain of events, Schon announced in his retweet message that they will continue to present their side of the incident.

Neal Schon wrote on his Twitter account:

“This is unfortunate. When I found out that no management and attorneys had not protected the Journey Trademark for merchandise and told me for decades they had, even threatened me when I filed to protect what I started in the 70s.

What’s crazy is that all the attorneys we’ve had never protected us knowing there was no trademark on Journey merchandise. Money under the table for all these years? Major money at retail. It’s protected now.”

And his retweet reads:

“What a bunch of total crap. Here’s how it goes friends. John Cain calls a board of directors meeting out of nowhere then before I found out about the meeting Jonathan came to me and said he didn’t like what they (Ross Smith Perry and Herbie) were planning. On that meeting, Steve Ross Smith and Herbie voted myself and Cain off the board of directors and Steve and all voted Ross in my place and Smith in Jons. 

They all knew at this time I’d been investigating our trademarks for years and trying to get to the bottom of all corruption as we found (my wife and I) that nothing had ever been trademarked besides our music. They all went for a takeover and it didn’t work. Quite simple. So my wife Michaele Schon found a legitimate trademark attorney that wasn’t in the corrupt musical circles and we were then successful in attaining it to protect everything we built. We had been getting ripped off since the beginning until I shut it down. 

So the question is, ‘Why did nobody else’s (attorneys Steve’s – who was actually ours at one time also and individual band attorneys and accountants) and other so-called trademark attorneys help us do this? It was a giant corrupted ring of people that either management or accountants hired to work for us, cashing in on all our merchandise till now. At this point, I decided to go for all album titles as well as song titles. The more we got educated on how songwriting and copyrights have nothing to do with trademarks. 

You haven’t heard the last of this friends. We are going to peel back the onion.”

The discussions on the subject seem to have only just begun. In his last retweet, Neal signaled that they will not let go of the incident and will make more relevant statements.

In the meantime, you can check out the recent tweets below.