Sharon Osbourne Explains Why She Once Attacked Ozzy Osbourne

In a recently surfaced video from her chat with Zane Lowe for Apple Music, Sharon Osbourne opened up about her confrontation with Ozzy Osbourne when he drove her to the edge.

Sharon started to tell the story, explaining:

“I broke Randy’s guitar one day because he made me a stew with some sh*t in it!”

Ozzy initially rejected the accusation made against him, replying:

“I never f*cking did that!”

Still, he later admitted doing it and said:

 “[I put in] A bit of black hash.”

Sharon continued, recalling that day:

“I was eating this stew, and it sent me crazy, and it made me violent!”

The rocker stepped in and revealed:

“She gets the phone, and she throws the phone at me!”

His wife added, explaining how she attacked Ozzy:

“Randy [Rhoads]’s guitar was there, and I picked it up, and I slammed it against the wall, and all that was left was the neck, and it just made me go insane, and it was you [points to Ozzy] that made me did it!”

Then, he accepted what he did when the host asked if the singer was willing to accept it now in the rest of their conversation.

In more recent news, Osbourne has been dealing with serious health problems nowadays. In the first episode of The Osbournes Podcast, Ozzy shared updates about his current health and talked about his upcoming surgery, saying:

“My lower back is, I’m going for an epidural soon because what’s happening, what they’ve discovered is the neck has been fixed, below the neck there’s two vertebrae where the bike hit me and disintegrated, there’s nothing left of them. I don’t know what the f*ck [the doctors are] doing. All I know is right now I’m in a lot of pain, I’m in a lot of discomfort.”

You can watch the whole video below.