Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Says He Finally Forgives His Father

Noah Weiland updated his followers on Instagram, announcing that he recently completed a track involving the late Scott Weiland’s pre-recorded voice. Within the post, he shared details about the upcoming song and revealed his current feelings about his father:

“After over two years, last week, I finally re-recorded & finished the demo for ‘Time Will Tell’ featuring Scott Weiland, and I must say the song is a smash. All these years, I wanted to wait & gain traction towards my own music so nobody could say I didn’t do it on my own. But now I’m in a place in life where I finally accept my dad and forgive him, so I want to do something super special & release this masterpiece and the only song I will ever have with my dad.”

About the duet’s release, he added:

“Pretty soon, I will be flying to NYC to fınısh the full track with Doug [Grean] & eventually drop it. But in order to make this happen, I need everyone to spread the word so all the blogs know what type of tıme it is. Time to go big. Love yall, fam.”

Weiland faced addiction struggles for years, resulting in his death from an accidental overdose in 2015. Noah went through similar problems in the past few years until he went through a treatment process.

The singer revealed that he got clean with a post on Instagram earlier in the year. A little after that, he released a single about his experience and talked about it in a chat with iHeartRadio by saying:

“I wrote the song [‘Good Riddance & Goodbye’] about having to force myself to move on from the love of my life due to substance use in the past. I’m past that point in my life.”

You can listen to the track in the video below and check out Noah Weiland’s latest post about his father here.