Gilby Clarke Recalls Why He Thought It Was Odd When Duff McKagan Asked Him To Play With Guns N’ Roses

Former Guns N’ Roses guitarist Gilby Clarke opened up about the band’s induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame during a recent episode of the live-streaming show ‘Hangin’ Bangin’: Artist On Lockdown,’ and apparently, the way he got invited into the gala performance by bassist Duff McKagan and the whole rehearsing process was quite weird.

As you might know, Gilby Clarke had a 3-year tenure as the rhythm guitarist of Guns N’ Roses, after replacing Izzy Stradlin in 1991 when he quit the band abruptly during the Use Your Illusion Tour. Clarke also featured on the band’s fifth studio album, ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’ which was released on November 23, 1993.

Despite being with the band for three years, when Guns N’ Roses was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame back in 2012, Gilby Clarke didn’t actually get inducted. During a recent interview, Clarke opened up about the incident and stated that he wasn’t even paying attention to those matters, however, not being inducted felt a little odd, according to him.

Here is what Clarke said:

“Well, to be honest, I don’t really follow that stuff, so I didn’t even know that GN’R had been nominated, let alone accepted or all that; I really wasn’t paying attention. And then I got a call from Matt, and Matt told me what was happening. And I go, ‘Woah. That’s kind of weird.’ ‘Cause, actually, I didn’t get inducted as part of the band; Matt and Dizzy did, along with the original five guys. And I thought it was a little odd. But by the time I found out, it was past what was going down.”

Regardless of not being inducted, former Guns N’ Roses guitarist actually performed for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction gala with other band members such as guitarist Slash, bassist Duff McKagan, drummer Steven Adler, and Matt Sorum along with iconic vocalist Myles Kennedy, performing classics such as ‘Paradise City’ and ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’

During the interview, Clarke also opened up about that performance and revealed that it was Duff McKagan who called him to join the band for the gala. The band members, along with Myles Kennedy, rehearsed at three o’clock in the morning the night before the actual performance.

Here is what he said:

“I didn’t think anybody was gonna play or anything. Two days before the show, Duff calls me and says, ‘Hey, we’re gonna play.’ And I go, ‘Oh, well, have a good time.’ And I go, ‘Who’s gonna play?’ I go, ‘I thought Axl is not going and Izzy’s not going.’ And he goes, ‘Well, they’re not, but we wanna do something.’ He goes, ‘Will you come out?’ So, my wife and I flew out and we did the show.

We literally rehearsed for it at three o’clock in the morning the night before. And that may sound weird, but Duff had a show in Cleveland the night before — he was doing something with his own band — and so we literally rehearsed after his show at three o’clock in the morning. I played with Steven, Slash, and Duff, and then Myles Kennedy sang.”

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