The Truth Behind Nikki Sixx And Tommy Lee’s Plans To Replace Mick Mars

The lineup changes, departures, and hiring of new members are widespread in the music industry, even though sometimes it’s too hard to keep creating and performing. Also, from fans’ perspectives, these things are very ordinary, so almost none of them got surprised by the news. A musician’s leaving or joining a band started to be seen as a part of natural selection and gaining the band a new approach to music.

Thus, the music journalists have always been after the facts about some auditions or offers from the bands. They kept asking about these claims to the artists frequently. Some musicians answered these questions with bold words about themselves and the group that wanted to hire them. Also, a guitarist that worked for Ozzy Osbourne was one of them after he said that Nikki Sixx and Tommy Lee invited him to Mötley Crüe to replace Mick Mars.

Which Musician Claimed Nikki Sixx And Tommy Lee Wanted To Hire Him?

Ozzy Osbourne released his third studio album entitled ‘Bark at the Moon’ on November 15, 1983, and its synth-infused pop-metal sound received critical acclaim. Of course, his longtime fans realized this change in his style. It was Osbourne’s first album with guitarist Jake E. Lee and drummer Tommy Aldridge. He began his Bark at the Moon Tour on November 10, 1983, in Leicester to support the album, and it ended on January 19, 1985, in Rio de Janeiro.

Mötley Crüe performed as the opening act after their unique style and music drew Osbourne’s attention. The audience appreciated this newly formed metal band’s performance. Also, both Mötley Crüe and Ozzy Osbourne’s band members found a chance to spend time together. These moments caused a problem between them after the Black Sabbath icon’s guitarist decided to talk about the tour.

Osbourne’s guitarist Jake E. Lee revealed that Sixx and Lee approached him to recruit him as their new guitarist, replacing Mick Mars. Then, he started to compare himself with Mars and stated that he was better looking and more talented musician than him. Therefore, according to Lee, it’s not surprising that the Mötley Crüe members wished to work with him after watching his performance. However, he couldn’t join the band because one of Mars’ relatives was funding the group so that they couldn’t fire the guitarist.

Here’s what Jake E. Lee said:

“Nikki and Tommy wanted me in the band. They wanted me to replace Mick, which you can understand. I was better looking and better playing. They wanted me to replace Mick. Mick’s in-law or whatever was funding the band, so that didn’t happen.”

Following Lee’s words about the band, Mötley Crüe didn’t release any official statements, but Sixx responded to the guitarist’s claims about them in one of his tweets. Sixx shared his thoughts, saying that it’s so funny when ‘small career people’ were trying to get attention and become more famous and popular through serving clickbait headlines about a band. He defined these attempts as desperate without naming the Ozzy Osbourne guitarist.

Sixx responded:

“Isn’t it funny how the has been, never was, washed up long ago small career people all started coming out of the woodwork around the movie? I guess it’s their only way to get attention in 2019. God bless them. They must be desperate.

You can check out the video and tweet below.