Jon Bon Jovi Recalls How He Cleverly Managed To Get A Record Deal As He Gives Advice To Younger Artists

Jon Bon Jovi spoke in a recent interview with MSNBC and gave some tips for the young generation as he revealed a story about his ‘Runaway’ song.

Runaway is a debut single of Bon Jovi, which recorded in 1981, and it also featured in the band’s self-titled album. In 1983, it surprisedly hit on the radio and lead the way of first proper formation of Bon Jovi.

In the conversation, Jon mentioned that he was thinking about how he could promote his songs in the early days, and asked himself about who is the loneliest man in the record business. After finding the answer, Jon went to the radio station and asked DJ face to face if he would want his songs to get on the radio.

After a while, Jon’s songs, including Runaway, aired on the radio and that’s how Jon managed to promote his songs without any manager or deal. As he gave this example, he also mentioned that today’s children have almost everything under their hands’ thanks to the internet and said that they have to find their unique ways to stand out from the others.

Here is what Jon Bon Jovi said:

“I got a record deal in such a unique way that I don’t know how I was so smart to think of it. But I said, ‘Who is the loneliest man in the record business?’ And my answer to myself was, ‘The DJ.’

And so I went and I knocked on the door of a brand new radio station that, fortunately for me, was so new, it didn’t have a receptionist. And the DJ told me to wait one minute, ’cause he was on the air.

He came out on the commercial break, and I told him that I wanted to talk to him. I had these songs, one of which was ‘Runaway’. He said, ‘Stick around until after I’m off the air. We can talk.’ I did. Eventually, that song got on the radio in New York City — no band, no record deal, no manager, no nothing. A 20-year-old kid knocked on the door.”

He continued:

“Now, looking 37 years later, kids have the Internet, so they have to find their own way to reinvent the wheel. They have to think of something that’s as unique so that they stand out. ‘Cause there’s a lot of other talented kids out on the street, and a lot of other talented songwriters out on the street.

In order to differentiate yourself, you’ve gotta think differently. And so go and be that me from 37 years ago and find your DJ, find your way. It can be done. “

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