Jay Jay French Explains The Reason Twisted Sister Is Accepted In Europe

Guitarist Jay Jay French gave a recent interview to Ultimate Guitar in which he revealed why Europe has accepted Twisted Sister.

Back in their early days, Twisted Sister performed six nights a week with 40-minute sets and costume changes. Throughout time, the band’s sound and image shifted in a heavier direction after being influenced by several musicians such as Led Zeppelin, Slade, Alice Cooper, Judas Priest, AC/DC, and more.

With their new sound, Twisted Sister released critically well-received albums as well as mainstream hits. Besides, they were accepted by Europe and headlined several festivals, unlike some other bands. According to Jay Jay French, there appears to be a reason for that.

In an interview with Ultimate Guitar, Jay Jay French talked about his career in Twisted Sister. As French said, Dee Snider wrote his songs inspired by A-list rockers. The guitarist also added that Alice Cooper inspired Snider while writing anthems, but AC/DC and Judas Priest helped him create the ‘tonality and camaraderie’ of the songs.

Following that, French claimed that Twisted Sister is accepted in Europe although they were from the States because they relate to the European and South American and have music ‘anthems’ anyone can sing. On the other hand, the influences they took from these bands and Lemmy Kilmister’s approval also helped them become recognized, according to the guitarist.

In the interview by Ultimate Guitar, Jay Jay French stated that:

“If you listen to the way Dee Snider writes his songs – there’s one part Priest, one part AC/DC, one part Alice Cooper. Alice Cooper for the anthems, and AC/DC and Priest for the tonality and the camaraderie of the songs.

We are – Twisted Sister’s accepted in Europe because we are looked on – even though we’re from America – we relate to the European and South American – the soccer stadium crowds – because we have big anthems everybody can sing.

The Priest has these songs, Alice Cooper has these songs, AC/DC has these songs – that’s what connects us to these countries, this is why we are accepted, where a lot of American metal bands are not accepted.

It’s directly because, I believe, of that plus Lemmy from Motorhead and his adoption of the band – it’s kinda like we’re his brothers.

Once he gave us the approval, that was all we needed. Then all of the metal bands accepted us, and when we came back in 2003, we headlining all these festivals – you’d never see Ratt, or Warrant, or even Mötley Crüe – they could never do this in Europe – but we could do it all day long.”

As it seems, Jay Jay French thinks that Twisted Sister became recognized in Europe due to composing songs under the influence of these bands. When we analyze the band’s commercial success, this certainly had a significant effect on the band.