Roger Daltrey Hits The Road For His ‘Who Was I’ Tour

The Who’s official Twitter account announced that their lead singer Roger Daltrey would begin his solo tour, including various musicians accompanying him. The upcoming concerts excited their fans and surprised those who thought the band members would focus on their ongoing tour.

Following their ‘The Moving On Tour’ cut short because of the global pandemic and the precautions and restrictions, the band finally returned to the stage by announcing their upcoming concert dates. ‘The Who Hits Back’ kicked off on April 22, 2o22, in Ft. Lauderdale, where the band hit the stage with their greatest hits and latest songs from the latest twelfth studio album ‘Who,’ and it will finish on November 5, 2022, in Las Vegas.

Also, after their gig on May 28, The Who gave a short break to the concerts until October, so it was an excellent chance for Daltrey, who planned a summer tour including talented artists. Katie Jacoby, Doug Boyle, John Hogg, Simon Townshend, Ben Townshend, and others will collaborate with the singer as a part of the concerts. These names proved that the gigs would be unforgettable for the Who fans.

The band’s recent tweet revealed that Daltrey’s ‘Who Was I Tour’ was scheduled to start on June 20 in Bournemouth and end in London on July 17, a few months before returning to The Who Hits Back. The tickets are available to purchase now, and the fans will get to watch Daltrey’s performances with his solo works, classic Who songs, and rare releases.

The band’s tweet read:

“Roger’s tour kicks off on Monday with the classics, solo hits, and rarities. He has a great 10-piece band, inc. Simon Townshend, Ben Townshend, Billy Nicholls, Katie Jacoby, Doug Boyle, John Hogg, Jody Linscott, Geraint Watkins, and Steve Weston.”

You can check out the tweet below.