Sammy Hagar Says He’s Just Not Going To Be Held Back Anymore

The Red Rocker Sammy Hagar recently stated his opinions about how the COVID-19 pandemic held him and everyone back from several activities. Hagar said that he will take all the measures needed and continue living his life without being held back after this.

The COVID-19 outbreak was followed by government regulations and restrictions, which frustrated a lot of people around the world. Life halted for almost two years and caused a lot of financial damages in people’s households. Social activities were out of the question, and many couldn’t even go out for a coffee as the shops were closed.

This damaged a lot of industries financially, including the music industry. Musicians turned to alternative ways to connect with their fans via social media. Some bands didn’t want to take the opportunity to produce new records for their fans because they were hopeless about a follow-up tour. This hopelessness frustrated not only the bands but also their fans. However, not much could be done about it since the restrictions were there to ensure public health after all.

With the development of the vaccine, the reports started to show lower death and ICU rates for those who gained immunity with the vaccine shots. This scientific development helped the world get back to normal once again. While many social events were resumed, canceled concerts started being rescheduled. The fans reunited and are continuing to reunite with their favorite musicians.

Sammy Hagar recently discussed the 2-year halt and stated that he will not let the pandemic hold him from performing anymore. Hagar has been fully vaccinated; hence, he thinks he deserves to do anything since he is vaccinated now. The Red Rocker continued to state that he will take all the necessary precautions, like wearing a mask, and continue to perform.

Here is what he stated about being held back:

“I think every one is getting used to how we’re going about our lives right now. From being held back for so long, I think everyone’s willing to do anything they have to do and can do. Everyone’s coming around little by little. Man, if I’ve got to get my vaccination, I’m gonna go do it. If I’ve got to wear a mask, I’m going to wear a mask. I’m just not going to be held back anymore.

I think everyone’s just kind of getting used to it. That’s what I felt in Cabo last time I was down there. People down there are paying attention, and they’re not getting down there and being reckless.”

The singer stated these while talking about his and his business partner Guy Fieri’s jobs. Him being a musician and Fieri being an Emmy Award-winning chef and restaurateur, traveling is a must for their careers. Even though Hagar reassured everyone that he will be taking all the necessary precautions while traveling or performing, back in January, he had received criticism on social media for doing a live show amid the pandemic during which the fans were not wearing masks.