Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Recalls The Last Time He Saw His Father, ‘He Was In Pain’

Late Stone Temple Pilot singer Scott Weiland‘s son Noah recently joined an interview with iHeartRadio and opened up about the last time he saw his father. Noah stated that the late singer seemed in ‘so much pain,’ and he somehow knew it would be their final encounter.

Being regarded as one of the most talented and versatile vocalists, Scott Weiland, unfortunately, passed away in his sleep on December 3, 2015, due to an accidental drug overdose while on tour with the Wildabouts. He had already struggled with his drug and alcohol abuse problems for years before his death. He also had severe health problems related to his substance abuse.

Weiland’s son Noah followed in his late father’s footsteps and stepped into his music career after his father’s death. Noah formed a band named Suspect208 with Robert Trujillo’s son, Tye Trujillo, and Slash’s son, London Hudson. The band released their first two singles, but they announced that they parted ways with Noah soon after due to his heavy drug use. He has been pursuing his solo career nowadays. He has just released his new song, ‘One Day.’

Noah Weiland opened up about his relationship with his late father during his latest interview. Noah revealed he saw his father for like an hour for the last time in a restaurant. He remembers that Scott Weiland was drained and seemed in ‘so much pain.’ He doesn’t recall all the details, but he still has the feeling of energy passed from his late father to him.

On seeing his late father for the last time, Noah Weiland said: 

“The last year my dad was alive, I think we saw him once, and it was for maybe like an hour, and it was at a restaurant in the Valley. The energy I could remember because I was 14 was he just felt so off and so drained. All I can remember is him seeming in so much pain. Looking back, it felt like it was the last time I was going to see him.”

You can listen to his new single ‘One Day’ below.