Queen’s Brian May Thinks Tony Iommi Is The Real Creator Of Heavy Metal

Queen’s Brian May has revealed that he considers Tony Iommi as the person who created heavy metal in one of his Instagram posts featuring a meme.

Queen + Adam Lambert released a second live album on October 2, 2020, named ‘Live Around The World,’ which included the live performances of numerous Queen classics. According to Brian May, they were planning to work on a new project but he later claimed that they are not ready yet as it was hard to adapt to the changes in the music industry due to the ongoing pandemic.

Although plans for a new Queen + Adam Lambert project is on a halt, Brian May is now focusing on his solo career with his new project titled ‘Brian May Gold Series,’ the rereleases of his greatest hits starting with ‘Back To The Light,’ the album he recorded back in 1992. The reissue of the album will be available for purchase on August 6 but is available for pre-order.

Being a heavy user of social media to share his thoughts, Brian May recently revealed who he thinks is the creator of heavy metal in a recent one of his Instagram posts. The guitarist shared a meme that has the photos of the creators of Facebook, Apple, and Twitter alongside a photo of Tony Iommi under which it says ‘Bitch please, I made heavy metal.’ With this photo, Brian May revealed that he thinks Tony Iommi is the real creator of heavy metal. 

Brian May’s Instagram post read:

Damn right! Tony Iommi totally rules!”

Below is the photo Brian May has posted on his Instagram.

Photo Credit: Brian May – Instagram