Iron Maiden Singer Bruce Dickinson Is Working On New Solo Record, His Longtime Collaborator Confirms

Bruce Dickinson‘s collaborator Roy Z Ramirez recently posted a picture from the studio with Dickinson on his Facebook and revealed that the singer is currently working on new music material for his forthcoming solo effort.

Apart from his full-of-success music career with Iron Maiden, Bruce Dickinson is also a talented solo artist. He began making solo efforts in early 1989, producing a track titled ‘Bring Your Daughter To Slaughter’ for the movie ‘A Nightmare On Elm Street 5.’

Dickinson then continued his career by collaborating with other artists and releasing solo albums. Starting with his 1990s ‘Tattooed Millionaire’ album, the singer released has six solo studio albums up until now, the last one being the 2005 album ‘Tyranny Of Souls.’ 

Dickinson has collaborated with Roy Z Ramirez on many of his works throughout his solo music career. Recently, Ramirez made a Facebook post that hinted that Dickinson is working on a new solo album following his ‘Tyranny Of Souls’ record.

In the post, Roy Z Ramirez appeared to be working with Bruce Dickinson in the studio. He stated in the caption that he is excited to share their collaborative music efforts with the fans, and he can’t wait to release them. So, Dickinson is back to work on new solo efforts after 17 years.

Roy Z Ramirez’s Facebook post read:

“I can’t wait for you all to hear the fruits of our collaborative efforts. Love and peace to all!”

In March, Bruce Dickinson said he had been working on this new record on and off since the album ‘Tyranny Of Souls.’ He then noted that the album was around 70% complete.