Scott Weiland’s Son Noah Finally Finds His Voice After Getting Sober

Noah Weiland, son of the late Stone Temple Pilots and Velvet Revolver frontman Scott Weiland was struggling with drug addiction for a while. In his recent post on Instagram, the rocker revealed that he has been clean for a time and even rediscovered his voice by giving his first sober concert.

First show 100% sober (not even cali sober),” Noah wrote, revealing he won the battle against addiction. “Still getting used to this whole performing thing. 2 years ago, I didn’t know how to sing whatsoever, so I may not be the greatest, but I definitely found my voice (especially the past months or so).”

The young singer continued, “I remember a few people used to say ‘I’d never be sh*t in music,’ but hey, b*tch, look at me! Miles and I just found out abt this show the day before and have only rehearsed together briefly once, so I’d say we did alright. Thank you, the Whiskey a Go Go.”

As you will remember, Scott Weiland died of an overdose in 2015. Unfortunately, his son Noah also had a drug addiction problem. However, in an interview with iHeartRadio last April, Noah revealed that he took steps to get rid of it, enrolled in a rehab program, and managed to keep up, although it was difficult initially.

We all know the monstrosity of social media, and Noah suffered from it too. Many comments saying ‘just like his father’ exhausted him. But Noah, in his own words, was fortunately founded that ‘little drive that makes [him] want to do better’ and went into therapy.

In his latest Instagram post, good news came, as we saw that Noah’s treatment process went well. Now, he has a whole new world in front of him where he can explore a musically different Noah after finding his true voice. It seems like he has taken the first steps toward it.

Photo Credit: Noah Weiland – Instagram