Jason Becker Decides To Sell His Iconic ‘Hurricane’ Guitar To Pay His Medical Bills

In his Instagram post, Jason Becker revealed that he is going to sell some of his equipment including his iconic Hurricane guitar to cover up his medical expenses.

As you may know, Jason Becker had been struggling with health issues for months and announced that he regained his health last month. Becker was also diagnosed with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), and he has been living with it for 30 years. Despite all the struggles, he is still enthusiastic about making music and released his latest album ‘Triumphant Hearts’ back in 2018.

To pay for Becker’s medical bills, Dragonforce’s Herman Li hosted a fundraising initiative called Shred For Jason Becker on his Twitch channel back in March this year. To support the fundraiser, many great guitarists around the world donated their guitars to the Jason Becker Reverb shop. The project to raise funds to support him has collected over $200,000 so far.

Recently, Jason Becker announced on his Instagram that his three most important guitars will be presented at Guernsey’s Auctions which will be held online on July 15, 2021. The famous pieces of equipment include his white Hurricane guitar used to record his solo album ‘Perpetual Burn,’ his blue Hurricane guitar used in the recording of ‘Boy Meets Guitar,’ and his special Peavy ‘Numbers’ prototype guitar pictured on the cover of Guitar For The Practicing Musician which was played by various rock musicians and thumb-printed by Jason as well.

Becker announced that he will further add the red leather jacket he wore on the cover of ‘Perpetual Burn’ on the auction, along with the original album art autographed by Jason while he could still write. He then noted that in addition to his guitars, rare and autographed guitars by other musicians will also be available soon through his Reverb store.

Jason’s Instagram post reads:

“Guernsey’s Auctions will offer the following in its ‘A Century of Music’ auction:
Jason’s white Hurricane guitar, pictured on the cover of Cacophony’s genre-defining Speed Metal Symphony and used to record his groundbreaking solo album Perpetual Burn.
– Jason’s blue Hurricane guitar, pictured on the cover of Perpetual Burn and used in the recording of Boy Meets Guitar.
– Jason’s one-of-a-kind Peavy ‘Numbers’ prototype guitar, pictured on the cover of Guitar for the Practicing Musician. A similar model was later put into production, but this was the first ‘numbers’ model ever made. During a visit with Jason, Eddie Van Halen played this guitar, and during the months-long virtual fundraiser for Jason, this guitar has been played by Steve Vai, Tosin Abasi (Animals as Leaders), Herman Li (DragonForce), Chris Broderick, Tim Henson (Polyphia), and Jason Reeves Richardson (All That Remains). This guitar has been thumb-printed by Jason.
– Jason’s red leather jacket, worn on the Perpetual Burn album cover, along with the proof of the original album art. The album art is signed by Jason, one of his last autographs while he could still write.
In addition to Jason’s guitars available through Guernsey’s Auctions, rare and signed guitars from Paul Gilbert, Ron ‘Bumblefoot’ Thal, Tosin Abasi, Warren DeMartini, Gus G, and others will be available soon through the Jason Becker Reverb store.
The fundraiser for Jason Becker, which has taken place virtually on Twitch and Reverb, has raised over $200,000 so far for Jason’s ongoing care.
More details soon…”

You can see the photo he posted on his Instagram and the documentary introducing Jason and his guitars to the buying public below.

Photo Credit: Jason Becker – Instagram