Sammy Hagar Says He Wrote A Song With Eddie Van Halen In His Dream


Sammy Hagar recently joined Ultimate Classic Rock for an interview and admitted he wrote one of his songs after jamming with Eddie Van Halen in a dream.

The Red Rocker joined Van Halen after David Lee Roth’s departure in 1985. However, he left in 1996 due to disagreements with his bandmates, especially the Van Halen brothers. During this period, the relationship between Hagar and the band got strained. In 2003, the musician returned to VH for a tour but left in 2005 due to Eddie’s alcohol addiction.

In 2011, Hagar wrote a memoir titled ‘Red: My Uncensored Life In Rock.’ In this book, he wrote some remarks about Eddie’s dark side. Sadly, the guitar legend passed away from cancer on October 6, 2020. After this tragic incident, the musician regretted writing those words because he wanted to remember him as a great guitar player and a friend.

Before Eddie’s passing, they had a chance to reconcile. However, due to the guitarist’s battle with cancer, the two did not have much time left to spend together. In October 2021, Hagar stated that he didn’t miss Eddie because the guitarist frequently visited him in his dreams. As it appears, one of those dreams recently inspired him to write a song.

Hagar told Ultimate Classic Rock that he saw Eddie in a dream, and the guitarist asked him to write some music. According to Sammy, Eddie did a harmonic thing and slid it up to a chord, and they wrote a song with that lick. He later got up and wrote the song titled ‘Thank You.’ Hagar then added he plans to give Eddie credit for the song and donate the money to charity.

Speaking to Ultimate Classic Rock, Sammy Hagar said the following about his dream-inspired song:

“I shouldn’t be hyping it now. Nobody knows this but Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson. About two months ago, I had this dream and Eddie came. We were in a room like this, with a bunch of people around. It was just like he’d been gone. It was not like he was passed, but he had just been out of my life, and we hadn’t seen each other for a while. He’s going, ‘Man, let’s write some music!’ I said, ‘Yeah, f*ck it, man. Here, let’s go!’

[In the dream], he did this harmonic thing and slid it up to a chord, like a slide guitar. We wrote a song with that lick. I remembered it. I got up in the morning, and I wrote the song. It’s called ‘Thank You.’ I used the f*cking lick that he showed me in the song. I told Jason, ‘I just really don’t know what to say lyrically.’ I’ve got goosebumps, head to toe [when talking about it]. So I wrote it, and we’ll do that song someday.

He then continued:

“Now, that’s going to be an Eddie-influenced song, to the point that I’m going to co-write it with him. I’m going to give him credit, and then maybe we’ll donate the money to charity. I feel so embarrassed about it because everyone’s going to say, ‘Oh, look at Sammy trying to capitalize on Eddie.’ No, I’m not. You don’t understand. This was a real f*cking dream, and I told you exactly what happened in it.”

Currenly, Sammy Hagar is getting ready to release his second album with the Circle, titled ‘Crazy Times,’ on September 30. He already released the title track and the Elvis Costello cover ‘Pump It Up,’ but it seems that the song ‘Thank You’ will appear in a future project.