Former Rainbow Bandmate Exposes Ritchie Blackmore’s ‘Dangerous’ Occult Obsession

Former Rainbow keyboardist Tony Carey sat down with Vintage Rock Podcast and revealed Ritchie Blackmore’s dabble with the supernatural that led him to leave Rainbow and if he had any regrets. He said:

“Hell no, I was happy to get out of there. There was some crazy shit, they were in this occult, or Richie was in this occult thing, and he was calling up, having seances with Ouija boards. It was getting dangerous, scary, and a little bit violent, and I thought it was time for me to go, and I don’t want to say much more about it; it’s pretty much been documented.”

Although Ritchie’s involvement with an occult was a deciding factor for Carey to leave the band, he also shared in a previous interview that he really didn’t get along with the lead singer; in fact, Blackmore fired him twice and rehired him three times before the keyboardist called it quits.

After many years since leaving Rainbow, Carey added during his interview that he wasn’t the only personality that Blackmore clashed with throughout the years the band was active by saying:

“I regret some things I might have said about it when I was a lot younger, but it’s nobody’s business; call it a major personality clash, and as one of the only four rainbow members, I mean, from what 40 of us, I think there’s been a quite a series of first major personality clashes over the years so I don’t want to get into that, the guy’s a great guitar player.”

You can watch Tony Carey’s interview with Vintage Rock Podcast below.