Sammy Hagar Doesn’t Miss Eddie Van Halen At All, Because He Always Spends Time With Him In His Dreams


Sammy Hagar’s interview with Scott Lipps took an emotional turn when he was asked how he felt about the death of his former bandmate, Eddie Van Halen. The vocalist mentioned that he has been dreaming of Eddie quite often which helps him miss his late bandmate less.

As you may know, Van Halen’s co-founder and main guitarist, Eddie Van Halen, passed away in October 2020. The band’s vocalists changed throughout the years, but Sammy Hagar performed with VH between 1985-1996 and later in 2003-2005.

Sammy Hagar was waiting for the band to reunite so that they could perform together. However, he received the bad news concerning Eddie’s death instead. The band later stated that Van Halen couldn’t continue without Eddie, so they disbanded, leaving no hope for a reunion.

Hagar talked about this in his recent interview with Spin and stated that he dreams about Eddie Van Halen all the time. He wakes up feeling very good as he spends quality time with Eddie. Apparently, Sammy’s dreams of Eddie also help him not to miss his late friend too much since they can spend some more time together even though it is not in the real world. He also mentioned that the fact that they will not play music together is still devastating for him.

He described his dreams by stating:

“Now and then, I have a lot of dreams of Eddie, and they are just always so beautiful. It’s like how it was. Look at that, how can you fake goosebumps. I feel him, I smell him, and it’s like it’s him. And when I wake up after one of the dreams, I feel so good, I don’t feel: ‘Oh, I miss him’ I feel like: ‘Wow, I just spent some time with him.’ You’re the only person I’ve told this but my wife.

When I have those dreams I always say, ‘Man, I’ve had the greatest dream with Eddie last night.’ It’s just so beautiful. I feel good about that. If I wouldn’t have connected with him, I don’t know how I’d be. Right now, I’d probably tear up. I wouldn’t be able to talk about it.”

He then continued to state his disappointment:

“I am so happy that that happened, and other than that, it was devastating. The thought that I’ll never play music with that band again was devastating. Because I know we were gonna do it number one. Even when we hated each other and I told my manager, ‘Don’t worry, this is gonna happen. How could we not play together?

We had five number one albums, sold 40-50 million records together. It’s gonna happen. I was just going about my business until everybody came back together. The fact that that will never happen is a little weird. But it’s alright, I mean, we did plenty.”

Hagar seems very disappointed that they will never be able to play together with Eddie. It also looks like his hopes for a Van Halen reunion are now very low. The Red Rocker still appreciates the time he had with the band and is proud of their creations together.