Thin Lizzy’s Scott Gorham Recalls Final Moments Of Phil Lynott

Scott Gorham recently chatted with Louder Sound, recalling how a visit to Paris brought the beginning of the end for both Thin Lizzy and Phil Lynott.

The rocker also discussed how introducing ‘brown powder,’ a.k.a heroin, to Lynott ultimately cost the frontman’s life while recalling how the band spent their days in the French capital and why Phil seemed obsessed with the city.

Gorham recalled:

“The party started in earnest in Paris. Phil was in love with the place – the women, the wine, the drugs, the clubs. And we were there for about a month, so we knew all the club owners, all the bouncers, the chicks, the hookers. We knew all the dealers too.”

He then disclosed the time when Lynott rang him from his hotel room, inviting him downstairs to show what he had stashed, and it didn’t take Gorham long to figure out what it was.

The guitarist said:

“I knew exactly what it [Phil had] was. We sat there, and we got totally f*cking thrashed. From that point on, the heroin dealer was knocking on the door too. That was the beginning of the downfall for Thin Lizzy. When the brown powder marched in, we were done for.”

The band spent a drug-infused month in Paris after their 1979 album, ‘Black Rose,’ topped the charts, and those days would ultimately show what Thin Lizzy and Lynott’s future would be like.