Ryan Roxie Names The Alice Cooper Song That Messed With His Mind

While making a list of the albums that changed his life for Goldmine Magazine, Alice Cooper’s guitarist Ryan Roxie recently spoke about a Cooper song that really messed with his mind.

Including ‘Welcome to My Nightmare’ in his list, he said:

“Sort of ironic that I would discover Alice at 18, no? I first heard this in 1983 when I had just moved down to Hollywood to take my stab at the big time. My roommate at the time would play this record daily after a few bong hits… and he would play it loud.”

Then, Roxie shared his view on one of the songs from the record:

“There was something so damn sexy about the opening guitar riff of ‘Cold Ethyl,’ and then my roommate explained what the song was about… instantly weirded out in my headspace!”

Detailing what affected him about the track, he went on:

“The combination of Broadway show-type production mixed with sleazy guitar riffs equaled brilliancy. How could I know that the voice coming out of those speakers would eventually become my boss 13 years later and allow me to live a rock and roll fantasy life like I had dreamt about throughout my misguided youth?”

In an earlier chat with Guitar World this year, the guitarist said that his time with Alice Cooper’s band created a positive experience for him. He mentioned his role onstage and explained:

“Being in Alice Cooper’s band is like being in the trenches. You do a bit of everything, be it playing guitar, singing background vocals, or dodging crazy pieces of the set on stage [Laughs]. But the best part is that we all know our roles. There’s no selfishness about it.”

Speaking of the band’s teamwork, he added:

“I keep things anchored, Nita [Strauss] or Kane [Roberts] bring the metal fire, and Tommy [Henrikson] is the swingman. It works well, and it’s why we have such great chemistry no matter what combination of us is up there.”

Roxie’s work will be included in Alice Cooper’s upcoming album, ‘Road.’ Also, the guitarist has a tour with the singer, which is set to start in August.