Robert Plant Comments On Eric Clapton’s Vaccine Criticism

Eric Clapton has made quite an impression with his COVID-19 related statements, and many musicians have clapped back over the past year. This time, Clapton received some criticism from Led Zeppelin’s icon Robert Plant during his recent interview.

The world has been struggling with a global pandemic for over two years now, and life, as we know it, has crumbled in front of our eyes as social life started to fade away. This was a very stressful time in many ways especially, for the music world, as being in a crowded place like concerts was out of the question. However, with the emergence of the vaccines, life started to get back to normal for most people.

Even though many argued that getting the vaccine is the only solution to return to normal life, others thought it was untrustworthy and refused to get it. There are many reasons as to why someone would reject getting a shot, but most people stress that the governments are forcing them and violating their free will.

The iconic star Eric Clapton was one of those who refused the vaccine’s enforcement towards society. He stood up against it by stating that he would not perform in the venues that demanded a vaccination certificate from his fans.

Many musicians, including Billy JoelRoger Taylor, and Sting, disagreed with his opinion and came forward supporting the vaccine. Clapton had stated that he lost a lot of friends because of his statements, but the singer is not backing down. Most recently, Robert Plant also touched upon this subject and indicated that it’s funny how Clapton didn’t like the vaccine but still got it.

Here is what Plant briefly stated about Clapton:

“Good old Eric. He didn’t like the jab — but he had the jab.”

Normally, one would expect Clapton to defend and be confident about his choices, but, in his mind, just because he got the vaccine doesn’t mean he will encourage the rest of the world to get it. In his defense, Clapton doesn’t support governments or people enforcing it on others and has stressed that he chose to get vaccinated.