Eric Clapton Says His Friends Turned Against Him Due To His Stance On Vaccine Mandates

It was recently revealed that Eric Clapton’s statements about the COVID-19 vaccine have cost him his friendships. Consequence Sound reported that alongside the mainstream media, Clapton’s friends also turned against him due to his anti-vaccine position.

As you may know, Clapton has been a very controversial figure since the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak. Governments around the world put restrictions on activities aiming to protect public health and decrease the spread of the virus. However, there was a great backlash from those who didn’t believe in the existence of the virus or trust the newly developed vaccine.

After spreading across the globe and killing millions of people, the virus’s effects were eased with the invention of the vaccine. While many people were happy to get the vaccine and go on with their lives, others voiced their hesitance. These trust issues emerged the movements of ‘anti-lockdown’ and ‘anti-vaccine.’

World-renowned icon Eric Clapton also thinks that mandatory vaccination is against free will. He refused to perform at venues that forced people to have vaccination certifications. Even though the musician has gotten vaccinated, he has been labeled an anti-vaxxer for defending the rights of those who refuse to get the shot.

In his recent interview, he stated that he didn’t only receive backlash from the mainstream media, but also lost some friends after he defended those who didn’t want to get the vaccine. This slightly limited his inspiration and was a hard time for him but, he got inspired from Van Morrison and directed himself into making music.

Here is what Clapton stated about losing friends:

“Over the last year, there’s been a lot of disappearing, a lot of dust around with people moving away quite quickly, and it does kind of refine the kind of friendships I have. It’s been difficult these last couple of years, especially with mainstream media turning. I had been inspired by Van Morrison because he came straight out, and his reasoning was, ‘We have to make music for people.'”

Clapton even released a song with Morrison called ‘Stand and Deliver,’ which criticized the lockdowns imposed by the UK government. He also took a stand by releasing ‘This Has Gotta Stop’ and reflected his anger towards the severe symptoms he experienced after getting the vaccine.