Taylor Momsen Announces Vinyl Version Of Pretty Reckless’ 2021 Album

The Pretty Reckless frontwoman Taylor Momsen posted the picture of the test vinyl of the band’s new album, ‘Death by Rock and Roll,’ and urged her fans to take a look at their website to pre-order their vinyl.

As you might remember, The Pretty Reckless singer and co-founder, Taylor Momsen has been sharing the details of the band’s upcoming album titled ‘Death by Rock and Roll‘ often on her social media accounts. Initially, Momsen revealed that they had been working on their fourth studio album on her Instagram account back in 2019. Later in 2020, she revealed the release date of the band’s new album, which is February 12, 2021.

The Pretty Reckless has already released four of the songs from ‘Death by Rock and Roll’ album. The first one was the title track and the lead single of the album which was released on May 15, 2020. Later, they released the songs titled ‘Broomsticks’ and ’25’ through the end of 2020. In January 2021, the band announce the release of another song titled ‘And So It Went,’ which was a collaboration with Rage Against The Machine guitarist Tom Morello.

As The Pretty Reckless fans receive exciting news one after another from the band members, Taylor Momsen shared the picture of the test vinyl of their upcoming album with her fans and followers on Instagram. In the caption of her post, Momsen mentioned how thrilled she was to see the latest product of her band. Taylor also urged her fans to take a look at the new album’s website and pre-order their vinyl version of ‘Death by Rock and Roll.’

Here is what Taylor Momsen wrote in the caption of her post:

“Stoked! The test vinyl just arrived… pre-order yours now at deathbyrockandroll.com #february12th”

Previously back in 2016, The Pretty Reckless released their third album named ‘Who You Selling For,’ which was ranked #13 on the U.S. Billboard 200 charts. Later, the band went on a tour  along with Stone Sour around the United States until 2017, when Taylor Momsen decided to take a break.

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