Sting Addresses Eric Clapton’s Criticism Of Vaccine Mandates

Sting recently talked about how shocked he is with the people who refuse to get the vaccine or follow vaccine requirements. As you may recall, Eric Clapton had announced that he would not perform in venues that require proof of vaccination, and Sting said he does not understand his attitude.

Some months ago, the iconic guitar player and singer Eric Clapton voiced his thoughts on the COVID-19 vaccine and the related government regulations. To some of his fans’ shock, he stated that he doesn’t believe in the enforcement of the vaccine and that he refuses to play shows in venues that require a COVID-19 vaccine certificate. In his defense, his daughter Ruth Clapton stated that her father has gotten the vaccine and believes in its effects but doesn’t want to enforce it on other people as he supports free will.

Even though ‘free will’ sounds very democratic and a subject to defend, as far as the scientific reports show, the vaccine is the only solution to keep the virus in control and avoid its fatal side effects. Therefore, vaccine supporters are angry at those who don’t prioritize public health, and Sting is one of those who don’t understand the anti-vaxxers’ point of view.

He stated his confusion by saying that he lived through another epidemic, polio. He recalled how the children were affected by its effects and claimed that it was gone overnight with the vaccinations. Although he will not force people whatsoever, Sting ‘desires’ people that come to his shows to be vaccinated.

Here is how he stated his feelings about the views of Clapton:

“I don’t really understand the, uh, the science of the objection. I had no hesitation in taking the vaccine. I’m old enough to remember kids in my street with polio who were crippled, and that disease was eradicated overnight with the vaccine. I would like people to come to my shows to be vaccinated. I’m not going to enforce it, but that’s my desire.

The world is divided on the basis of the COVID-19 vaccine. Some people support it a hundred percent, and others are skeptical because the government enforces it, and it hasn’t been tested enough. People like Eric Clapton are okay with getting the shot but are against enforcing it on others.