Billy Joel Thinks Eric Clapton’s Vax Statements Were Not Pleasant

‘Piano Man’ Billy Joel gave an interview to The Howard Stern Show during which he commented on Eric Clapton’s stance against the COVID-19 vaccine. According to the musician, Clapton’s statements were far from pleasant.

As you all know, Eric Clapton received a huge backlash after announcing his decision not to perform in venues that require proof of vaccination. Although the musician had gotten vaccinated, he was accused of being an anti-vaxxer. Following that, his daughter Ruth claimed that he is not an anti-vaxxer but an anti-no-choice.

Furthermore, Clapton reportedly donated £1,000 to an anti-lockdown music band and even lent them his van to support their tour. After the news spread, Clapton received some cruel comments involving even the accidental death of his son on Twitter, and he has been targeted ever since.

Speaking to The Howard Stern Show, Billy Joel also revealed his opinion about Eric Clapton’s statements. During the interview, Stern asked Joel if he had read about Clapton being an anti-vaxxer. Following that, Joel stated that his statements utterly shocked him. Moreover, he added that they were not pleasant.

As reported by Daily News, Howard Stern told Billy Joel that:

“Clapton is like one of my heroes, but he got weird with the pandemic. Did you read about him? He was like one of the guys who was anti-vax?”

Billy Joel then responded:

“Yeah, it was a total shock to me. I didn’t know what his politics were, but it’s not pleasant.

Although it has been scientifically proven that people who didn’t receive the COVID-19 vaccines have higher death and hospitalization rates, it appears that Eric Clapton believes otherwise. Now it seems like Billy Joel has also joined the musicians criticizing Clapton’s views on vaccines.