Paramore’s Hayley Williams Names The Band She Wished To Play Together

Hayley Williams is pretty open to collaborating with various artists from different genres. This time, she wishes to share the same stage with an up-and-coming post-punk band from the U.K. In a new interview with the Guardian, Hayley named this band and revealed her opinions on their music.

Throughout her music career, Williams showed eagerness to perform with other artists and make guest appearances. One of her most successful collaborations was the B.O.B. song ‘Airplanes,’ which also featured Eminem’s rapping. Hayley also collaborated with the Russian-German DJ Zedd on the song titled ‘Stay The Night.’

At 2022’s Coachella, Williams took the stage with Billie Eilish, who she sees as a close friend. She and Paramore also opened for Taylor Swift during the singer’s ‘The Eras Tour.’ According to recent news, it’s now a UK-based band that caught Hayley’s attention. Named Shame, the band won the singer’s heart with their youthful and vibrant music.

The singer told the Guardian that she is excited about Shame’s music and their upcoming album, ‘Food For Worms.’ According to the Paramore icon, she enters the band’s world while listening to their songs. Hayley also named Shame’s ‘Human, for a Minute’ as her favorite song and admitted she hopes to play with them in the future.

The rocker said the following about Shame:

“There’s a lot of really great punk music coming out of the U.K. that’s youthful and vibrant. I’m particularly excited about Shame, who have a new album [‘Food for Worms’] coming out this month. When you listen to them, you really enter into their world, their headspace, and I love that. Their last album, from 2021, was called ‘Drunk Tank Pink’ – my favorite song on that record is ‘Human, for a Minute.’ I’m so stoked to see what they do next. And I hope we get to play shows with them.”

Apparently, Shame is now caught on Hayley Williams’ radar. After the news, the band took to Twitter and said they also wanted to make this show happen. Following that move, Hayley saw Shame’s tweet and shared it on her Instagram story. So, there is a high probability we may see the two on stage together soon.