Why John Lennon Called Mick Jagger A Joke

Both the Beatles and the Rolling Stones are among the most influential British rock bands in music history. Due to that, fans have constantly compared these two groups throughout the years. Moreover, this comparison even found itself as a subject in interviews.

Since the 1960s, the Beatles and the Stones have been involved in a war of worlds. John Lennon, for instance, once stated that Mick Jagger had imitated them, while Jagger said he wouldn’t care if the Beatles broke up. In 2020, Paul McCartney reignited the feud by calling the Stones a blues cover band.

Although both bands tried to respect each other while revealing their thoughts, things got a bit more heated when John Lennon gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine in 1970. The Beatles icon stated that Mick Jagger is nothing but a joke in this interview.

Why Did John Lennon Describe Mick Jagger As A Joke?

In 1970, John Lennon gave an interview to Rolling Stone magazine. In this famous conversation, the interviewer asked him his opinions about the Rolling Stones. In response, John Lennon said that the Stones is just a lot of hype, but he likes the band’s song ‘Honky Tonk Woman.’

However, Lennon added that he believed Mick Jagger was a joke. Elaborating on his remark, Lennon stated Mick Jagger’s ‘fag dancing’ makes him a fool. Admitting he enjoys it, the Beatles frontman said he would probably go and watch him, but this doesn’t change the fact that Jagger is a joke.

As reported by JohnLennon.com, Lennon told Rolling Stone magazine the following:

“I think it’s a lot of hype. I like ‘Honky Tonk Woman,’ but I think Mick’s a joke, with all that fag dancing. I always did. I enjoy it, I’ll probably go and see his films and all, like everybody else, but really, I think it’s a joke.”

Apparently, John Lennon wasn’t fond of Mick Jagger’s ‘moves like Jagger.’ However, Jagger thinks that a lead singer should be an extrovert, and it’s normal for him to act stupid on the stage. In a previous interview, Jagger stated that the Beatles didn’t dance, but it’s not enough to be a frontman.