Myles Kennedy Shares The Incident That Caused Him To Start Singing

When he was a young lad, Myles Kennedy wasn’t dreaming of being a vocalist and fronting a band. Instead, he mainly played the lead guitar in various bands. Recently, the singer joined Drinks With Johnny as a guest and revealed the incident that lit a fire under him to start singing.

[I had] no interest,” said Myles Kennedy when asked whether he was interested in being the vocalist. “I got talked into doing it. There was a battle of the bands called The Drug-Free Rock Off, and it was like a battle of the bands where there was a thing for the kids to do on a Friday night. The theory was it would be drug-free.”

Then Johnny Christ jokingly said he was washing himself of what happened, Myles continued, “Actually, it’s true. I went through a little phase of experimenting in my later 20s. But, at that point, as a teenager, I was pretty squeaky clean and pretty boring. So, anyways, we get up there, and I got talked into doing, strangely enough, [Led Zeppelin’s] ‘Rock and Roll’ because I was the only kid who hadn’t hit puberty yet, and I could hit the notes.”

“And that was it,” recalled Kennedy. “We did the Zeppelin tune. And then somebody did a song from ‘2112’ by Rush. And then we were trading vocals, but that was it. And then I didn’t sing again for a few years. I just wanted to play guitar. I just wanted to shred.”

So, it turns out that Myles Kennedy desired to be an aspiring guitarist in the beginning. However, his friends saw his potential and talked him into singing. When Kennedy successfully performed Zeppelin’s ‘Rock And Roll,’ things took a different turn. Currently, the singer is successfully handling both vocal and rhythm guitar duties in Alter Bridge.