Mick Jagger Discusses What Makes The Rolling Stones Better Than The Beatles

Mick Jagger joined Howard Stern for an interview during which he talked about dancing. The frontman pointed out that he cannot stand still on stage and not move like The Beatles did.

The Rolling Stones’ frontman hasn’t lost anything from his physical or vocal talents in the past 60 years. Jagger is known for his energetic stage performances featuring his iconic dance moves that inspired the phrase ‘moves like Jagger.’ The world describes groovy dance moves by saying ‘moves like Jagger’ now, making him an even bigger icon every day.

The Rolling Stones are one of the rock bands that liked to move on stage, especially Mick Jagger; no one could stop him. Other bands from the Stones’ era, such as the Beatles, wouldn’t really dance on stage. Which is still okay, but according to Mick Jagger, he couldn’t ‘not dance.’

Here is what he said about The Beatles:

“The Beatles made this decision that they weren’t going to dance on stage. They did move a bit, but they didn’t dance.

As far as I’m concerned, I just couldn’t keep still. It wasn’t a question of making a decision to dance. I couldn’t have this music going on and not move around, you know? If you’re a lead singer in a band, you have to be an extrovert, and being an extrovert means doing all these stupid things.

They had signature moves. It’s not enough to just be a singer. You have to have moves. You don’t want to be a chicken with its head cut off all the time because that’s just too annoying.”

He continued to talk about the plans he used to make for his stage performance:

“When I was much younger, I just did crazy things. I used to jump off the stage into the organ pit in these theatres on my knees, and my knees would be killing me, but I’d seen Little Richard do that, and I thought, ‘Okay, I could do that.’

I’d do absolutely crazy things I didn’t rehearse, and some of them were dangerous. Even later on in the ’80s, I’d climb up these 60-foot-high stages and go on top of them. But it’s fun. To me, that’s part of performing. Listen, I’m a musician, and I’m quite serious about music, but when you’re actually performing, there’s another whole added element to it.”

You can watch the interview below.