Johnny Rotten Says His Ex-Bandmates’ ‘Mockumentary’ Is Destroying The Sex Pistols

In his latest conversation with Piers Morgan, The Sex Pistols icon Johnny Rotten criticized the new Sex Pistols miniseries and his former bandmates’ approaches to him. Also, the singer claimed that this ‘mockumentary’ is an attack on the band’s legacy, which was set in stone over the years.

The band’s guitarist Steve Jones released his memoir entitled ‘Lonely Boy: Tales from a Sex Pistol’ on January 10, 2017, and the fans got very excited about learning new details about the band and punk culture. Years later, Jones started to work on a biographical drama miniseries named ‘Pistol’ with Craig Pearce and Danny Boyle. All six episodes will be on n FX on Hulu on May 31, 2022, and their fans have been looking forward to watching them.

However, Rotten isn’t sharing the same excitement with them, considering his harsh words about his former bandmates and the upcoming series. Previously, the singer described the show as ridiculous, disrespectful, and unbelievable because the others didn’t get his approval for it, and he wasn’t involved in the creation process. The musician still didn’t make peace with his bandmates and continued to target them.

Johnny Rotten revealed that the crew reached out to him a very short time before its announcement, and they didn’t allow him to watch the episodes or read the scripts. Nobody didn’t think about taking his opinions about the show’s plot, characters, and portrayals; therefore, according to Rotten, it’s nothing but a mockumentary. The frontman highlighted that it could be an honest representation, and the others chose not to collaborate with him, destroying The Sex Pistols.

Rotten shared his ideas, saying:

They put it together behind my back without mentioning me until January 4th last year. We got an e-mail from Danny Boyle on the 8th saying that he would like to discuss it with us, and on the 9th, we’re over the weekend, the press was banging on my door. The following Monday, it was released all over the internet as a done and dusted deal.

Actors were appointed, scripts were written, and plots were fully covered but without me. So this tv series, they call it a documentary, and I’d prefer mockumentary. It’s completely without my contribution, shape, or form. I don’t think to be honest—anyone who could ever consider The Sex Pistols without the man that wrote the song.

I haven’t been allowed to see anything at all, no scripts, any single part I played in it, nothing. I agree with your opinions; it would have been a fantastic opportunity to grasp and enjoy the truth of that situation. I think they’ve gone for this watered-down kind of cope out that will not do anybody any good. They’re doing is destroying The Sex Pistols.

You can check out the interview below.